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As with other transitions in life, the decisions you make for your retirement carry significant implications for your future. Our financial experts are ready to answer all your questions about retirement planning.

Retirement is really just one question after another, isn’t it? After you settle the big question of when to retire, then comes all the logistics about how to retire. Our financial experts help clients who are just a few months away or within about a year of these enriching years of retirement.

Contact our financial advisors today if you’d like to schedule a consultation or have any questions about planning for your retirement.


You’ve been saving for these years all your life. Now you have your personal savings, investments, a pension fund, and perhaps an inheritance, real estate, or trust. How should you draw from your resources in retirement? Which options allow you to keep more of your money instead of handing it over to the IRS? When should you start taking social security?

At California Wealth Transitions, we strive to make this process as calming and reassuring as possible. We closely examine all of the options available and provide you with guidance and sound counsel on all the possible implications of each, helping you arrive at the right decision for you.

If you’ve been working with a CPA, we’ll consult with them to provide you with solutions that truly take into consideration every avenue of your finances. Key factors our team aims to address are eliminating or reducing income and estate tax burdens, examining current tax laws and any insurance implications you may face.

Are you starting to wonder about the best way to utilize your assets in retirement? Now is a great time to start preparing the structure.

Contact our financial advisors today if you’d like to schedule a consultation or have any questions.