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Keith Brandt | President
Keith & Nicki Brandt

After serving clients in the financial services industry since 1983, Nicki announced her retirement as of April 30, 2024. Nicki began her career with Merrill Lynch as a full-time sales assistant and shortly thereafter became a fully licensed Account Executive in the San Marino office. Nicki transferred to the Upland office in 1985 where she joined Keith as a work partner and two years later, they married!

Nicki and Keith worked together as advisors until 1989 when Nicki took a leave of absence to care for her brother who ultimately passed away. She continued her break from Merrill while she raised their two daughters, Megan and Alix . She returned to the corporate world in 1999 when Keith and Nicki moved to San Diego with Merrill Lynch.

Nicki founded California Wealth Transitions with Keith and Brandi in 2012. Nicki was adored by clients, many who have become close personal friends. Her passion for serving others shone through in every interaction with both clients and the CWT team. She is looking forward to spending time traveling, seeing friends and hanging out in Montana with their family, dogs and new kitty who became a beloved house kitten after her short stint in the barn. She will be missed by both clients and colleagues!