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Did this month’s riddles get you thinking? These stumped even some members of our own team! Check to see if you were right with the answers below.

JUNE 2022 Riddles

MAY 2022 Riddles

Solution: When countries started printing paper money.

Solution: A pair of dice. 

  • Sounds like “paradise”
  • Weighted dice = cheating
  • Usually roll different numbers but sometimes doubles
  • Most common is 6-sided rectangular prism
  • Dice rolls = gambling
  • Double ones = snake eyes


APRIL 2022 Riddles

MARCH 2022 Riddles

FEBRUARY 2022 Riddles

Solution: The letters “P” and “E” transform the EURO into EUROPE

Solution: Take away two letters “F “and “E”, which leaves IV, the Roman numeral for four

Solution: The letter “s” is in the word “darkness” but not in the word “light”. Added to “laughter” it creates “slaughter” and removed from “scars” creates “cars”.

JANUARY 2022 Riddles

Solution: The number 9. It becomes a 6.

Solution: Pull a fruit from the Apples & Oranges crate. Let’s say you pull an apple out. That crate is full of apples. That means that the crate labeled Oranges has to be Apples & Oranges, because Apples is already taken, and it is mislabeled. That leaves the remaining crate to be Oranges.

DECEMBER 2021 Riddles

NOVEMBER 2021 Riddles

October 2021 Riddles

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