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Lizzie Wilson, Administrative Assistant | California Wealth Transitions
Lizzie Wilson, Administrative Assistant | California Wealth Transitions
Lizzie Wilson, Administrative Assistant | California Wealth Transitions

We are pleased to introduce Lizzie Wilson, a consummate professional with a vibrant spirit, now serving as an Administrative Assistant in sunny San Diego.

Lizzie embarked on her academic journey at California State University, Chico, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies with a minor in Psychology. Throughout her collegiate tenure, she showcased her dedication not only in the classroom but also on the volleyball court, where she excelled as an outside hitter for the Chico State team.

Transitioning seamlessly from academia to the professional realm, Lizzie has now started her career journey with commendable fervor. Her current role at California Wealth Transitions offers her the opportunity to hone her skills while providing critical support to clients. Her role at California Wealth Transitions provides her with invaluable experiences and insights into client service, which she describes as the most rewarding aspect of her profession. For Lizzie, the ability to assist people in resolving issues and provide unwavering support as a constant point of contact is deeply fulfilling.

Prior to her tenure at California Wealth Transitions, Lizzie held multifaceted roles as Operations Manager and Marketing Director at Compass for The Dunlap Team, where she demonstrated versatility and acumen in managing diverse responsibilities.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Lizzie remains deeply committed to philanthropic causes, actively contributing her time and effort to organizations such as Feeding San Diego and youth volleyball coaching. In her leisure time, she enjoys playing volleyball and pickleball, snowboarding, working out, hanging out with friends, and going to the beach

Family holds a cherished place in Lizzie’s life. She is the youngest child of Scott (Austin,Texas) and Shelly (San Diego). She has two older brothers, Nick who also lives in Austin, TX, and Ben, who teaches English in Madrid! She also has two adorable pups, Stanley and tiny Stella.

With her unwavering dedication, professional acumen, and compassionate spirit, Lizzie Wilson epitomizes excellence in her role and endeavors to make a lasting impact in the San Diego community and beyond.