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Jamie Aquino, Client Services Associate | California Wealth Transitions Team

Meet Jamie Aquino, a versatile professional with a diverse background and a passion for streamlining operational processes within wealth management. Originally from Northern California, Jamie’s journey led her to Los Angeles for college and eventually to San Diego, where she and her husband have been residing for the past five years.

With experience in wealth management, Jamie excels in optimizing operational procedures, specifically in the realms of money movement protocols and document retention. Her previous work in private investigations has instilled in her a deep appreciation for fraud prevention and risk management—an asset she brings to her current role.

Outside of work, Jamie is a connoisseur of delightful culinary discoveries. She’s currently captivated by the allure of Korean corndogs and locally made Wynnston’s ice cream. Exploring the outdoors is another passion; you’ll find her hiking in the picturesque landscapes of San Diego, indulging in wine tasting escapades in Temecula, and relishing seafood feasts in Baja.

Jamie’s bucket list includes intriguing pursuits: encountering a capybara in the wild and embarking on a tea tour in Taiwan.

Her outlook on life is beautifully captured by a quote from Maxine Hong Kingston: “I learned to make my mind large, as the universe is large, so that there is room for paradoxes.”