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Brad Saunders | Director & Financial Advisor
Brad Saunders | Director & Financial Advisor

Service is more than Bradley’s career; it’s a way of life for him both in the office and the community. Helping people both plan for and successfully manage their financial life events gives him great personal satisfaction.

​With global capital markets ever changing in the fast-paced world of finance, he embraces these challenges as he works to design and implement strategic investment strategies to help grow wealth and maintain it when it is needed most. Bradley says, “Offering people financial independence and financial confidence is a valuable service, but the best experience of all has been the personal relationships and friendships which have developed and grown over many years.”

Outside of the office, Bradley is heavily invested in his community. His adult life is dedicated to the protection and service of others. Across Southern California, he remains involved in a variety of nonprofit activities providing advice and guidance, which directly impacts the community around him.

​Bradley enjoys traveling and spending time in the beautiful southwest. Often you’ll find him aboard a boat, out off-roading, or outdoors engaging in fall and winter sporting activities.