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Thomas isn’t afraid of getting into the details. Skilled at identifying goals and objectives for both organizations and clients, his favorite part of the job is to develop and present a detailed plan with the greatest probability of success. He sees the “big picture” in financial planning, and enjoys explaining how all aspects of the plan work together. Clients feel comfortable asking questions, as Thomas is a natural educator and knows how to explain complex matters like investment strategies in a way clients understand.

Over the last decade, Thomas has been pursuing his religious education. He facilitates adult scripture study classes at two parishes and enjoys engaging in meaningful discussion. He and his wife are active in charitable work both abroad and in the United States.

When Thomas isn’t working with clients, you’ll find him on an adventure. He has day sailed off the coast of California, and previously was an instrument rated private pilot. He also holds a Technician Ham Radio operators license, and in the future plans to be involved with local area emergency response organizations that work closely with hospitals, police, fire, forestry, and Homeland Security. Thomas and his wife love to travel to new destinations.